1. Emb: Handmade bullion Badge
  2. Cap Cord: Silver
  3. Button: Silver On Both Sides
  4. Excellent quality
  5. White Fabric
  6. Stonewash
  7. Gold Braid closure

Instructions for Measuring:

You can use a piece of string or a tape measure to get an accurate measurement. Wrap the string or tape measure around your head about 1/8 of an inch above your ear. Make sure the tape measure or string is in the middle of your forehead (place it where you would like the hat to sit). Choose the next size up for your masonic crown if your measurements are in-between sizes.

Cap Size:
6/1 (20 3/8”-20 5/8”)
6-5/8 (20 ¾” – 21”)
6-3/4 ( 20 1/8” -21 3/8”)
6-7/8 (21 ½”- 21 ¾”)
7 (21 7/8”-22 1/8” )
7-1/8 (22 1/4”- 22 1/2”)
7-1/4 (22 5/8”- 23 ¼”)
7-3/8 (23”-23” ¼”)
7-1/2 (23 3/8” – 23 5/8” )
7-5/8 (23 ¾” – 24”)
7-3/4 (24 1/8”- 24 3/8”)
7-7/8 (24 ½” – 24 ¾”)
8(24 7/8”-25 1/8”)

Within the illustrious realm of Masonic regalia, the 31st Degree Cap in Scottish Rite Masonry stands as a symbol of elevated significance. This exploration goes beyond the utilitarian aspect, delving into the layers of symbolism, tradition, and transitions encapsulated within this iconic headpiece. From the protective sanctuary of the cap to the intricate symbolism of the 31st degree, it becomes a beacon within the rich tapestry of Freemasonry.

Guardianship in Velvet: The 31st Degree Cap and Its Protective Enclosure

The journey of the 31st Degree Cap commences with the regal embrace of its protective enclosure. Cloaked in velvet, this cap transcends mere headgear; it transforms into a custodian, safeguarding the sanctity of the 31st degree regalia with unwavering dedication.

Transitioning from Utility to Sacred Custodianship

As the 31st Degree Cap finds its abode within the velvet embrace, a nuanced transition unfolds—from a utilitarian headpiece to a sacred custodian. This shift underscores a commitment to protect the sanctity and essence of the Masonic regalia within its velvety confines.


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31st Degree Scottish Rite Cap