Terms & Condition

There are so many of the people around us who have constantly been making the use of the Masonic Regalia accessories and items regarding buying services. Many of them are planning to make the use of it right now too. But there are so many of the questions that are rather stuck in their mind to catch about Masonic Regalia. Let’s answer a few of the important questions out of so many!

You should be placing your orders as before 8 pm for the next business day delivery. Express delivery will be getting on by your side at the time of 6 pm.  The category of the straight side of ship items can be delivered straight away from the side of the supplier and will be taking into account around 2-5 days that will be all based on the issue that has been ordered and so as the supplier. Masonic Regalia makes the best use of the different kinds of the carriers at the time of the delivery.  It would make the person adequately ensure that the order has been delivered on time and safe hands.

If anyone of your product is not available in the stock of Masonic Regalia, then they will be stopping away with your order and will make sure that they get the required placement of the product for you.  We have made the best of the efforts as where we are introducing so many of the color options in our products that for sure to grab the attention of the customers. We have the technology system by which we will be providing the product colors with the important settlement for the clients.

All the products have the prices that are Value Added Taxes as where it is applicable.  It might be bringing on with some of the changes in the UK Government all along with the customs and excise. The customers will be able to get the consent of communication with us through the electronic medium.  Plus the company has taken into account with the email communication set up as well. It will not be bringing any effect on top of the statutory rights. The company has the complete reserve rights as in favor of the refusal of the redemption of the vouchers that have not been issued by the side of the authorized agent or the side of the company.

If you do breach on with all the conditions, and still we are not taking any action, the company still has the right where they are supposed to entitle with the rights.  We will make your offer with the remedies on any side of the situation where you can come across to breach the condition quickly.

Now let’s talk about the payment options! Masonic Regalia mostly accept the possibilities of credit or debit cards, mentioning with the Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Delta and American Express. All the cards will be processed right through the process of the secure server technology. For orders placed that are to be placed on the branches, you can also pay by cash.