Delivery Information

There are millions of people all around the world, who have been instead of at the best making the use of the Masonic Regalia for buying the products and accessories. For the timeline of the payment, they do support the cards related to the Visa, as well as MasterCard, or the PayPal and even the use of the American Express. Within 24 hours of the day, the online buying guide carried out at best. The ordering is entirely safe and secure, and they will be managing your account under the full conditions of the privacy rules and customs.

You can start off with the buying by making your visit first on the homepage of the Masonic Regalia Supplies.  You will be returning to the home page just as when you are browsing by way of clicking just as at the Masonic Regalia Supplies logo right away at the top of the page.  Now in the next, you will hence navigate to the category or even the subcategory that is all required by way of using the navigation bar just as into the side of every single page.  You can also search for your product all through by description or even the item number or the keyword as given away at the portion of the search bar.

You should not be missing out checking the stock availability as in favor of the product which you have been searching for. You can get to know about the number as in related to the products in the listings product list.

If you do want to check out from Masonic Regalia official website then, you are required to sign in or register. As you do get logged in you can eventually select your delivery address as well as service, or you can even choose the Click & Collect from 10 minutes option. The payment process is very much simple and straightforward where the credit and debit cards will mostly accept the payment. You can also choose the method of payment as through the Paypal when you are ordering from the official website.

As you will be making the order all final, the confirmation of the order placement will appear ahead on top of the screen. It Will be confirmed by our order reference number all along with the medium of details related to the order. They will provide you the order details through email as well.

For the information of the readers, we would like to mention that you should be referring as over the estimated set of the delivery times in the shipping and so as the delivery section.  All your purchases will automatically be shipped straight away at your assigned address that is provided by your side. You need to make sure that your address is entirely accurate.  It would be taking around two working days for the finishing of the shipping. We will even be giving away the customers with the option to cancel the order as well if they want to cancel