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Welcome to the Masonic Regalia Supplies. Well, Masonic Regalia Supplies is famous as the most reputable and one of USA fastest and well known growing suppliers. We do come out with the full range of Masonic Aprons,masonic jewels,Blue Lodge Collar , services in the different categories of offering with the full range of self-builders industry in the timeline of the batches as well as regalia supplies as well. We work through the mediums of dedicated USA call center, or even by the mobile website. Masonic Regalia Supplies has been stepping ahead in providing with the different kinds of regalia accessories  Masonic aprons,Masonic jewels, Masonic Flags,Masonic Table Cushion,Blue lodge collar,  every single day and that too at the reasonable prices. We do have access to different styles and shapes of the regalia accessories that turns out to be best for your clothing and so as the placement of the uniform pieces.

Checking out the catalog of Masonic Regalia Supplies, we will witness the complete list of the branches associated with this company. These products are not readily accessible in the stock of their departments, but you can even get it online. We are providing our customers with the ease as for where the buyers can check the inventory in their local department and collect in their order in just the time span of one hour.

We have the experienced team of professionals who work efficiently for the customers on the premium level. We do make sure that for the customers the costs of the products is less. In this way, customers would be able to enjoy the products of top brands at the reasonable prices. We have connected with more than 3,000 products. So, why to wait for more? Buy your products now with 100% confidence.


We are best involved in giving you the complete range of the products that are best to opt out right now as in full scope of the categories as per according to your preference and choice level. We are the leading manufacturing company and supplier in the access of offering Masonic regalia items and products. We make sure we add it to the excellent and most excellent form of quality of mediums.

We are taking into account with the hundreds of Masonic Ties, Masonic Aprons, Masonic, Gloves, as well as Masonic Cufflinks and also the Masonic jewels for most of the Masonic degrees and orders.  In the additional items we are setting ahead as in providing with the Gloves, badges, and so as Bow ties and various Masonic gifts.  All Regalia accessories that are to be introduced by the side of our company are handmade, and that too falls inside the finest quality all along with the competitively priced.

You can get the complete information about our products by the view of visiting our official site. All the products and accessories which we are about to mention right here have designed by the supervision of the professionals in the access of complete experienced team. We are feeling the honor to offer our customers with the provision of best provincial Lodge regalia right into at one place.  All the designs of the products are custom made and are just made accessible in the Masonic collection. You can get in contact with us if you have any requirements over the designing of Masonic regalia.